Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Favorite Nora Video

Excuse the cheesiness from her father.

My First Attempt

I thought I'd try this blogging business out. Actually Amanda convinced me to do so by saying, "You'll be funny...people will love it!" People that know me know two things about my humor:
1. I can make people laugh.
2. Those people that laugh at me have never met me before.

But I'm going to give it my best shot anyway. I do think this blog is poorly titled, as there is no way I can talk about someone else for the majority of this blog. the interest of this being somewhat funny, I thought I'd start by using someone else's material. The following is an excerpt from my Aunt Shelley's email today:
Second, David is now in the business of selling cotton candy to his classmates. He cranks up the machine at night and packages up a few bags and the next day he comes home with cash. Upon inquiry, he said he couldn't tell me his pricing strategy, his marketing techniques, or even his customer list, because he thinks it might be illegal to sell junk food on school property. When I told him that he should pay me for the supplies (sugar and bags), he told me that he pays me by making me cotton candy on demand. What could I say to that? Then when I tried to advise him not to set his price too high, you know higher than the market will bear, he said to me with actual condescension, "Supply and demand, mom, supply and demand." I can't decide if he's a budding economics genius, or just a total idiot.
This is generally a weekly occurrence that my entire family (along with some select friends) receive these emails in which she discusses the adventures of her, my Uncle Dave, and their three wonderful children. Let me know and I'll be happy to have her add you to her list.

More to it or not.