Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some Marathon Shots

A few of us ran the half-marathon last weekend, and then some other wimps ran a leg each of the marathon relay. Other than the fact that I had stopped training about 2 months before the race (with my longest run being 5 miles), that it was raining and 47 degrees at the beginning of the race, that I had to go to the bathroom at mile 2 and didn't go until mile 11, and that my doctor told me I need to lose 20 pounds (maybe I'm not in the best running shape), it was a really fun day.

Here are Ben, Courtney, and I finishing the half-marathon. You can tell by the looks on our faces that it was a bit more of a struggle for me than it was for Ben or CJ.

Zach and Haley beat us by like 4 minutes after they claimed they would be happy to finish in 3 hours. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that not one member of our group has bloody nipples.

Here is my just absolutely beautiful family. Nora was a trooper on the nice chilly day.

Nora in her cute little sunhat...she was thrilled that we were about to head home.

Catching Up

We haven't posted in a while, so let's catch you up. A couple weeks ago, Nora had some minor surgery to get tubes in her ears and to fix her clogged tear duct. We're thankful to have it all done, and we think it's helping some. are some pictures from the blessed event.

We had to be at the hospital at 6:00, and she wasn't allowed to eat until after the surgery. She was one tired and hungry and unhappy girl.

Here is the scary doll that kept coming around speaking in a really high voice. (Sorry if this lady is anyone's really was the doll that was creepy...not the lady...she was pretty nice.)

Unfortunately they wouldn't let us or our camera into the OR (I've always wanted to be on a doctor TV drama.), but here is the sweet little thing getting ready to go home from surgery. And she got a sweet build-a-bear out of the deal.

And one home the afternoon after the surgery. Obviously the recovery was very difficult for her. She can barely even muster a smile. Oh...and she got a sweet Integris gown out of the deal, thanks to the friendly nurse who let us sneak her out with it on.