Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keeping us on our toes!

We had a great night that began at 3:30 with Nora taking a nice swig of some sort of liquid potpourri. After 6-7 episodes of vomiting, a call to poison control, a call to a doctor from church, and her being so lethargic to the point where she just would not stay awake even after shaking, we spent the next 3 hours in the ER. Of course, by the time we got into a room she was somewhat back to her normal self, and after some blood work, a chest x-ray, two teddy bears, Nora was running around the room and making us look like idiots for bringing her in, we were out of there.

The good news is that any "danger for any mental issues" has passed, but we do need to keep an eye on "any sharp abdominal pains." Nora has assured us that she will let us know immediately if she feels any of those pains.

So, if you're keeping score, since Thanksgiving:
1. Tumble down a flight of stairs
2. Three fingers burnt on a hair straightener
3. A poisoning epidsode

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have been Tagged

8 Things About Me8 TV Shows I Watch
1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Dancing With the Stars
4. Brothers and Sisters
5. Private Practice
6. American Idol
8. Gossip Girl

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Johnnies
2. Chick Fil A
3. Texas Roadhouse
4. Café 501
5. Cheevers
6. Teds
7. Chilis
8. Outback

8 Things That Happened Today
1. Slept through the alarm
2. Got ready while watching Little Bear
3. Took Nora to school very late
4. Went to chapel
5. Had my birthday cake with my office
6. went to the Women's lunchen
7. ate more sugar
8. put in a few Chapel excuses

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Curling up to the fire with a bowl of soup
2. Christmas
3. picking Nora up from school
4. Changing into sweats when I get home from work!! I will keep that one Bailey!
5. Putting up Christmas decorations
6. Luke taking me out for my Birthday
7. Christmas Break
8. Making the trek back to Vienna someday( Amen Sister)

8 Things I Wish For
1. A Clean house
2. Luke's parents to move to Edmond
3. To be the Pioneer Woman (love it)
4. For Nora to develop in her Speech everyday
5. To loose all that baby fat before another one comes
6. To grow in my marriage everyday
7. To be with all my family in Heaven someday
8. All my laundry to be done!

8 People I Tag (I don’t think 8 people read my blog!)

1. Dara
2. Zach and Haley
3. Heidi
4. Miranda
5. Melody
6. Meredith

Anyone else who reads this and has a blog…haha